Devoted Family of St. Philomena:

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this new web site created under my direction to promote the faithful devotion to our dear St. Philomena across the United States.

The Universal Archconfraternity of St. Philomena USA Portal will serve as the principal communication tool with devotees across the USA in close coordination with the Universal Archconfraternity Headquarters at the Sanctuary of St. Philomena, Mugnano del Cardinale, Italy.

Look to this site for information on upcoming activities across the United States promoting and celebrating the martyred child saint of chastity, purity and virtue. Also through this web site we will seek your help through fund raising efforts to directly support the much needed repairs and maintenance of St. Philomena’s final resting place -- her Sanctuary in Mugnano del Cardinale, Italy.

With Christ’s abundant love and blessings for you all – and may the protection of Our Blessed Mother surround you always.

The Rector

Msg. Giovanni Braschi 
Saint Philomena Sanctuary Support Fund, 2011

Introducing the Saint Philomena Sanctuary Support Fund

As presented at the September 2011 Conference of USA St. Philomena devotees at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Snows outside St. Louis, MO, a non-profit organization has been created to facilitate the promotion of St. Philomena across the USA and support the maintenance and operations of her final resting place, the St. Philomena Sanctuary in Mugnano del Cardinale, Italy.

Your generous donations will support programs like the

St. Philomena Youth Initiative across the USA (also described at the September 2011 conference) as well as helping make similar conferences possible to bring St. Philomena devotees together to share stories of faith, devotion, and love.

URGENT Appeal:

We ask each devotee to consider making a donation, whatever amount possible, to help the International Shrine of St. Philomena with its pressing financial needs. The economic downturn has hit the Sanctuary especially hard with a lack of cash flow to meet critical operating expenses, maintenance repairs and to fund important projects to promote devotion to St. Philomena and welcome devoted pilgrims from the USA and rest of the world.

Your donation will go directly to help support the following needs:

  1. Repair the dome of the Sanctuary, the earthly home of St. Philomena. During the winter months, we anticipate a lot of rain and the dome is in great need of repair.

  2. Restoration of the pilgrim center and additional rooms to accommodate pilgrims at the Sanctuary

  3. Handicap accessible lift for visitors who are unable to climb the stairs of the Sanctuary

  4. Repair of the Sanctuary’s museum exhibit which has sustained damage due to severe humidity

  5. Printing expenses for my book on St. Philomena to be made available in English


A USA tax-deductible donation can be made, on our new approved web site, electronically using Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or electronic bank transfer at: or via mail to:

    Saint Philomena Sanctuary Support Fund

    215 West Bandera Rd., #114-498

    Boerne, TX  78006


Inquiries can also be made to All other donations can be made directly via the Sanctuary's English web site by choosing the donation button.


Thank you for your generosity that is so needed at this time to further the legacy of St. Philomena and to ensure the sustainability of her International Shrine. We are forever grateful for our saint’s intercessory help. As Pope Benedict XVI reflected on the lives of the saints, we remember the “surplus of love, of perseverance in suffering, of honor and truth” that have captured our hearts and offer thanksgiving for the wondrous example of St. Philomena’s life of purity and sacrifice. We join together to acknowledge all of the saints who laid down their lives for the love of Christ and His Kingdom, and we joyfully wait for the day that we too will hear Our Lord’s words:“Well done, my good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21).

Assuring you of my prayers and blessings for you and your loved ones,

Monsignor Giovanni Braschi

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